Stuart Turner BSc (Hons) MSST

With a huge passion for all things Sport coupled with a fascination for Injury management and the workings of the human body, Sports Therapy was always going to be the career choice for Stuart.

Having played high level sport from a young age, Stuart was never far away from seeing first hand, the huge variety of injuries that occur in sport and everyday life. Fascinated by all of this, he enrolled at The University of Hertfordshire to read for his Bachelor of Sciences (with Honours) degree in Sports Therapy.

It was here where Stuart developed all the necessary skills, techniques and experience required to safely, effectively and legitimately practice Sports Therapy. Being Mentored by some of the finest Professors, Doctor’s and Therapist’s and afforded the opportunities to work within state of the art Sports Injury Clinic’s was a real highlight of the 3 years spent at Hertfordshire.

Since graduating with honours in his chosen field, Stuart has gained a vast amount of experience through working for a number of professional sports clubs, treating members of the public and via Lecturing positions in Sports Therapy.

Stuart founded ATR Sports Therapy in July 2010 and has devoted his time to providing evidence based treatment and rehabilitation to those who require it. His passion and steadfast principles are that a good therapist is a caring therapist and always ensures that patient care, safety and satisfaction are a number one priority.

Outside of the clinic environment, Stuart also operates as Head Therapist at a local Rugby club, looking after all playing staff, backroom staff and club members.