About Us

ATR Sports Therapy is a popular Sports Injury Clinic with a high reputation
for achieving patient satisfaction and results in the field of Sports and Physical
Therapy. Founded in July 2010, the clinic has been running for over 4 years,
treating a diverse range of patients ranging from professional athletes, non-
athletes, the young/elderly and employees under a contractual/corporate
basis. We pride ourselves on having formed a number of outstanding and
effective working partnerships with a large number of private and public sector
companies/organizations over the past 4 years.

Our Mission

Our aim, from the moment your treatment begins, is to ensure that you begin
on a pathway of pain free treatment that is both safe & effective whilst applying
the latest methods of evidence based practice.
We passionately believe that a good Sports Therapist is a caring therapist, one
that can both listen to and understand your needs. A good therapist stays up
to date with evidence based practice whilst simultaneously able to draw on
experience allowing the ability to adapt and respond to your individual needs.
We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of conducting detailed examinations
and assessments. Our ethos is to conduct "non-blinkered" assessments in which
we "assess for everything", identify the presenting problems and treat them
Should we identify an underlying problem that we are unable to treat
conservatively in our clinic, we will complete a full referral report to your GP
requesting for you to visit an associated NHS specialist or undergo further
imagery investigation in order to get to the root cause of your problem. Put
simply, we will stick by you every step of the way throughout your recovery.

Company Overview

ATR Sports Therapy was founded to help individuals suffering from sports
injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, aches, pains and/or health and wellbeing
problems. We further aim to offer our expertise, support and evidence based
guidance in all sporting areas and general lifestyle whether it be injury
prevention, management, nutrition or training programmes.

What We Are Able To Provide For You

- Biomechanical & Functional Movement Pattern assessments
- Exercise Therapy
- Video Based Exercise Prescription sent straight to your email.
- Advanced Spinal/Joint manipulations & mobilizations to restore pain free function
- Musculoskeletal Examination & Assessments
- Sports Massage & Advanced soft tissue treatment
- Sports Specific/Functional Rehabilitation
- Acupuncture/Dry Needling Treatments
- Advanced Core Stability Training
- Postural Education/Retraining
- Neural Mobilization
- Gait Education
- Taping & Strapping
- Kinesio Taping
- Ultrasound therapy
- Cryotherapy
- Flexibility training
- Pre/Post Surgery Care
- Workstation and desktop assessments, guidance & advice


- Team Events Services (First Aid, Sports Injury Treatment)
- Injury Treatment & Prevention advice
- Lifestyle, Fitness & Weight Management advice
- Corporate packages
- Wellbeing Packages
- Remedial Massage
- Pre & Post Event Massage
- Fitness Consultancy

The Benefits Of Therapy

There are numerous benefits to working with a Sports Therapist. A number of
these are listed below:
- All emergencies or work based accidents are assessed quickly and with
optimal care
- NHS Referral processes can be expedited
- Optimal care and treatment helps to reduce employee work absence, reduces
time spent on light/restricted duties and helps achieve earlier return to full
duties, which may result in increased productivity for the company.
- Increased employee satisfaction knowing professional help is at hand
- Our company is able to provide a significant range of treatments and
professional advice to employees ranging from “hands on therapies”,
acupuncture treatments, exercise and nutrition.
- With ever rising waiting lists on the NHS, employees may have to wait
months for Physical Therapy intervention on the NHS. An association with our
clinic would allow patients to be assessed and treated on a weekly basis. This
results in a quicker return to full duties or prevention of long term absence.